If you think that rebar can only be used for reinforcement then think again! Here at Devoran Metals we think that this wonderfully versatile material looks great in the garden and makes unique eye-catching products such as trellises, arches and even bird feeders.

Never one to turn down a challenge, Devoran Metals prefabricated its biggest garden project to date, a 14’ high tree-umbrella / bird feeder for Henry Orchard & Sons in St Austell. Measuring nearly 4.5 meters high, the staggering creation was designed and fabricated by our team in just one day! Who knew trees could grow that fast?

After making the 14′ high tree umbrella it got us thinking,  what other strange and unique designs could be made out of rebar? In its natural state some people may consider rebar ‘ugly’, however with a little bit of imagination and a good team of master fabricators behind you (just like the ones we have here at Devoran Metals) this versatile material takes on a whole new beauty.

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