A prototype of a new product known as EASIX, developed by Pedax, one of the world’s leaders in the processing of reinforcing steel, has just been installed on site at Devoran Metals.

The ergonomic design means it can manoeuvre steel reinforcing bars up to 40mm in diameter safely and efficiently.

The steel is placed onto the rotating bar which is then passed across by teeth that grip the steel allowing it to drop down into the racks below for processing.

As a company committed to continuously improving its systems and processes, the installation of the EASIX is focused on the safety and well being of its employees.

General Manager, Georgina Cooper, comments “Ensuring the safety of the workforce is an overriding business priority at Devoran Metals and we are proud to demonstrate this commitment through investments in new technology and training. The EASIX will transform the way our steel operatives prepare the reinforcing steel and will become a key component in processing our customers’ orders in the future”.


View a demonstration of the EASIX in action on site at Devoran Metals.