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Reinforcing Bar
32mm Reinforcing Bar BS4449:2005 £18.94£113.64
Buy Diazepam Without
25kg Rock Salt £6.50

CARES Approved to BS4449:2005 high tensile reinforcing bar.

25mm diameter rebar (H25)

Specification: Grade B500B or C


In Stock



Valium Order Overnight Delivery
Order Generic Valium Online

CARES Approved to BS4449:2005 high tensile reinforcing bar.

Available from 8mm up to 25mm.

Devoran Metals offer a full cut and bent service, please Cheap Valium Online Australia for more information.

Other lengths and diameters including 40mm available on request.

We will always try to ship your order within 48 hours, however please be aware that during peak periods your order can take up to 10 working days for delivery. 

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Diameter x Length

25mm x 1m, 25mm x 3m, 25mm x 6m


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