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Structural Steel Fabrication at Devoran Metals
Structural Steel / Fabrication

Novoform System

In Stock

Buy Diazepam Without


Novoform header(2)

Novoform is a light weight, easy to handle permanent formwork system which provides a professional and cost effective replacement to traditional timber in-ground frameworks. Manufactured in the UK to ensure faster lead times, Devoran Metals can tailor your delivery to meet on-site schedules. The panels are cut and bent in our workshop on purpose built machinery by skilled operatives. Unlike traditional timber formwork, the Novoform System can be left in-situ saving your project time and money.

Send us your layout drawings today for a FREE full take off service for your next project.



Cheapest Uk Valium, Valium Online Reviews

Novoform can be supplied cut to length and size and is suitable for a multitude of construction applications including ground beams, pile caps of all shapes, wind turbine bases and crane foundations.

Novoform is made from a fully welded, mild steel, construction mesh, which is encapsulated to ensure a strong, (UV stable) polyethylene membrane, which is perforated to allow water to escape during concrete curing.

Each bar is spaced 150mm vertically and 75mm horizontally to create a rectangular mesh compatible with standard spacers. This provides quick and easy fixing points for rapid section joining.


Reduce your costs

Novoform reduces your on-site labour cost, as fitting requires no skilled labour. Being a permanent solution there is no formwork removal costs after the concrete is poured. Plus, unlike traditional formwork there are no additional expensive cleaning and storage costs.

Buy Diazepam Generic Valium

Cheaper Valium

Permanent Formwork by Devoran Metals




NOVOFORM 2 (righthand)

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