Devoran Metals mild steel window sash weights made from 40mm Square Mild Steel. All sash weights are made to order and fabricated in our workshop.

Please allow up to 5 – 7 days from the placement of your order for sash weights.

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Window Sash Weights used to counter-balance the weight of a sash window when opening and closing.

Also available in 50mm Square.


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Size x Length

6lb (2.73kg) x 217mm, 7lb (3.18kg) x 252mm, 8lb (3.63kg) x 288mm, 9lb (4.09kg) x 325mm, 10lb (4.55kg) x 361mm, 11lb (4.99kg) x 396mm, 12lb (5.44kg) x 432mm, 13lb (5.90kg) x 468mm, 14lb (6.35kg) x 504mm, 15lb (6.81kg) x 541mm, 16lb (7.26kg) x 576mm, 17lb (7.71kg) x 612mm, 18lb (8.16kg) x 648mm, 19lb (8.62kg) x 684mm, 20lb (9.08kg) x 721mm