Devoran Metals offer a full in-house prefabrication service to suit individual requirements, including prefabricated reinforcing bar. Our prefabrication service can overcome skill shortages on-site or speed up the construction process. An experienced team of coded welders prefabricate cages for various applications including:

  • Ground Beams
  • Pile Cages
  • Base/ Pile Caps
  • Columns
  • Heavy Duty Mats
  • Retaining Wall Sections

Please call our friendly team on 01872 863376 to discuss your requirements or email your enquiry and schedule for a free quote, no project too small or big!

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Prefabrication is a great solution for customers who are short on time or space, and also for customers who may not use reinforcement on a regular basis and are unfamiliar with the layout drawings. Prefabricated reinforcement eliminates steel losses on site, reduces the problem of on-site steel identification and above all saves time and labour costs.

Prefabricated cages can be supplied MIG / TIG welded or tied with tying wire. Tied cages have the added benefit of readjustment on site. In certain applications, our fabricators will weld the majority of the reinforcement and then tie links where cages connect / lap to allow for any adjustments on site.


Reinforced Pile Cages

Prefabricated Pile Cages

Steel pile cages are used in piled foundations when the ground load capacity is either too poor to take the weight of the structure, or the structure is too heavy for the existing ground. A hole is bored into the ground, the reinforced pile cage is inserted into the hole and concrete is poured.

Pile cages can be supplied in full lengths or supplied in sections and spliced on site.

Cages can be spliced with rebar or mechanically spliced using rebar couplers.

Oscam Spiral 88 Helical Bender

Pile CagesOur investment in the patented Oscam Spiral 88 Rebar Bender enables us to bend reinforced helicals for custom made pile cages from coil up to 16mm and bar up to 20mm in diameter.

The bender utilises an exclusive hydraulic release which doubles the speed of production. This investment dramatically increases production on prefabricated pile cages as it cuts out the need for bending individual circles, which can be very labour intensive. As a result, it significantly reduces the lead time from initial order to delivery on site.


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