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Lenton Rebar Couplers

In Stock

Order Roche Valium Online

In certain applications where traditional lap splicing is not used, reinforcing couplers act as a full strength rebar continuation system. Devoran Metals supply a range of mechanical splice systems depending on specific project requirements providing ease of installation, consistent performance and durability.


Buy Valium Overnight - Buy Diazepam 5Mg

Buy Valium Overnight - Buy Diazepam 5Mg

LENTON Standard Couplers are designed to splice two lengths of reinforcing bar of the same diameter, where at least one bar is free to rotate. The slim design maintains optimum concrete cover and due to its simplicity, the LENTON Standard Coupler is one of the quickest and easiest systems on the market. The reinforcing bars are machine threaded in the workshop with a tapered thread ready for splicing.

Standard Couplers are available to suit 10mm to 50mm diameters.

A12 Lenton Transitional Couplers

With all the benefits of the standard coupler above, the LENTON Transitional Coupler has been specifically designed to splice reinforcing bars of differing diameters (10mm/12mm, 12mm/16mm) allowing quick and easy installation on site.

Transitional Couplers are available to suit 10mm to 50mm diameters.


MBT Mechanically Bolted Couplers

An MBT coupler is used when it is not possible to prepare the ends of the rebar for threading, for example, in situations where rebar is being connected to an existing structure that is already fixed on site. An MBT coupler works by supporting the two splice bars within the coupler and locking the bars in place by a series of bolts that shear off once tightened. These couplers are sometimes referred to as ‘Aligator Couplers’ due to their appearance.

MBT Couplers are available to suit 10mm to 40mm diameters.

Alligator Coupler

Griptec System – Position Splices Type C

The Griptec Position Type C Couplers are specifically designed for situations where neither bar can be rotated, or if the angular position of the second bar matters. The coupler is comprised of 3 parts: a standard female coupler; a position stud that is free to rotate, and a standard male coupler. The Griptec Position Splice System is ideal for coupling prefabricated cages on site.

Griptec Couplers are available to suit 12mm to 50mm diameters.


Griptec Type C couplers


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