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Safety End Identification Caps 40.7044.00
Buy Diazepam Without
Flanged Chamfer Edge Profile 3.854.40

Made from impact resistant plastic in 2.5m lengths, specifically designed to create chamfer edges to columns and beams. Available plain or with a nailing flange in applications where the profile is nailed to the head of the formwork

Available in the following sizes:

Size (mm) Length (m)
20mm (plain) 2.5
25mm (plain) 2.5

In Stock



Genuine Valium Online Uk
Valium Order Overnight Delivery

Made from impact resistant plastic in 2.5m lengths, specifically designed to create chamfer edges to columns and beams. Available plain or with a nailing flange in applications where the profile is nailed to the head of the formwork.

Other sizes of slab accessories available on request, please Buy Genuine Valium Uk

Other names: “angle fillet”.


Weight N/A

20mm, 25mm

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