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Valium Order Overnight Delivery
Reelfix 2kg Wire from Devoran Metals.
Reelfix 2kg Wire £12.00
Order Generic Valium Online
Reelfix spool
Reelfix Spool Holder £6.00

Reelfix Rapid professional tying wire dispensing system.

The multi award winning Reelfix Rapid System has been developed as a simple, low cost solution to the many health and safety issues associated with the use of loose coiled tying wire for steel fixing. Reelfix has revolutionised the way steel fixers work, making the process vastly more efficient, less wasteful and much safer.

Reelfix Heavy Duty Belt

In Stock



Buying Valium In India

Reelfix Rapid professional tying wire dispensing system.

The multi award winning Reelfix Rapid System has been developed as a simple, low cost solution to the many health and safety issues associated with the use of loose coiled tying wire for steel fixing. Reelfix has revolutionised the way steel fixers work, making the process vastly more efficient, less wasteful and much safer.

The Reelfix heavy duty black belt is hard wearing for daily use, and is designed to hold the 2kg wire for easy and accessible tying wire for steel fixing.

Weight 0.27 kg


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