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Prefabricated Reinforcement
Buy Valium 2Mg
Steel reinforcement fabric and mesh products for concrete reinforcement, produced by Devoran Metals.
Reinforcing Fabric

Reinforcing Bar

In Stock

Order Roche Valium Online

fit for nuclear supply chain

Devoran Metals hold large stocks of CARES approved high yield reinforcement bar to BS4449:2005+A3 in diameters up to 40mm. Our ongoing commitment to investment in the latest automated technology ensures that we are able to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of our customers.
Reinforcing bar is available ex stock in standard lengths up to 15m, or cut & bent to a range of shape codes as specified by customers’ requirements. All cut & bent reinforcement conforms to British Standard BS8666:2005 the ‘Specification for scheduling, dimensioning, bending and cutting of steel reinforcement for concrete’.


Buying Valium In India


Buy Valium Us, Buying Valium Online

Mini Syntax, Rebar bender, reinforcing bar machine, automated bender, high tensile rebar, BS8666:2005

Recent investment in automated technology includes the purchase of the MEP Mini Syntax 16. Unlike existing machines, the Mini Syntax boasts two patented systems. The first, an AFS straightening system that eliminates the effect of wire rotation on its own axis creating closed stirrups and straight bars every time; the second, a secondary feeding unit that allows the production of shapes bent on both sides utilising one bending unit instead of two. What results is a machine that produces the maximum level of flexibility, productivity, safety and product quality.


Properties of high yield bars

Bar Size (mm)









Dims (Max O/A mm)









Mass (Kg per m)









Meters per tonne









Tolerances on cutting & bending dimensions

The tolerances for cutting and / or bending dimensions shall be in accordance with the table below and shall be taken into account when completing the schedule. The end anchorage or the dimension in parentheses in the shape codes specified in the table below shall be used to allow for any permissible deviations resulting from cutting and bending.

Tolerances on cutting and bending

Tolerance (mm)

Cutting of straight lengths
(Incl. reinforcement for subsequent bending)

+25 -25

Bending <1000mm
Bending <1000mm to <2000m
Bending >2000mm

+5 – 5
+5 – 10
+5 – 25

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